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Tomboy by Claudia Masin, Robin Myers – Poems | Academy of American Poets

About This Poem

“’Tomboy’ comes from a book of mine called Lo intacto, a series of poems based on movies; in this case, Céline Sciamma’s eponymous 2011 film about a gender non-conforming child. The poem came to me in a flash; I barely edited it at all. After I saw the film, I had to speak in the voice of this child as a way to address the damage caused by stagnant conceptions of identity; the need to free this power, which so fiercely resists domestication and regulation, that lives in each of us; and the infinite capacity of our own imaginations for empathizing with what surrounds us. In the end, I think that prejudice and cruelty spring from an utter lack of imagination, an inability to think of ourselves beyond whatever we seem to be.”
Claudia Masin

Translated by Robin Myers

Source: Tomboy by Claudia Masin, Robin Myers – Poems | Academy of American Poets

Richard Wright’s Haikus Turned Into Public Art Around Downtown Brooklyn – Gothamist


[Mark Morris Dance Center, 3 Lafayette Avenue]

The creeping shadow

Of a gigantic oak tree

Jumps over the wall.


Wright’s haikus are now the subject of “Seeing Into Tomorrow,” a new public art project by the Poetry Society in which some of his verses have been turned into large-scale installations around Brooklyn.

Source: Richard Wright’s Haikus Turned Into Public Art Around Downtown Brooklyn – Gothamist

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Old New York — federer7: New York City,1948 Elliott Erwitt ©…

Tempo di vivere – ORME SVELATE

Tempo di vivere

La superficialità ha ucciso il tempo
bloccato nell’ora mortale dell’aperitivo,
le menti hanno smesso di pensare
con leggerezza cancellano tutti i peccati
e l’assoluzione è data da un calice di vino,
ma siamo consumati dalla disperazione del nulla
dove non c’è spazio per il senso,
siamo scarafaggi pieni di paura
bloccati in una metamorfosi infinita
in realtà vogliamo sfuggire alla vita
e ci sfugge che siamo già morti,
le nostre orme non lasciano tracce.
Ma la memoria ci spinge lontano dal vuoto
ci fa riempire gli spazi di noi
e ci ricorda che abbiamo vissuto
e adesso non è tardi per ritornare a farlo.

Daniele Corbo

Imagine: Happy hour or the blue straw (Hanoch Ulfan)

Superficiality has killed the time
stuck in the mortal hour of the aperitif,
minds have stopped thinking
lightly, they erase all sins
and absolution is given by a glass of wine,
but we are consumed by the desperation of nothing
where there is none. it is space for meaning,
we are cockroaches full of fear
stuck in an infinite metamorphosis
in reality we want to escape life
and it escapes us that we are already dead,
our footprints leave no traces.
But the memory pushes us away from the void,
it makes us fill the spaces of ourselves
and reminds us that we have lived
and now it is not late to go back to doing it.

Daniele Corbo 

Source: Tempo di vivere – ORME SVELATE

Joseph Campbell and The Power of Myth | Shows |

The groundbreaking 1988 series explored how myths exert a powerful pull on our minds and in our lives. (1988)

Source: Joseph Campbell and The Power of Myth | Shows |

Ono no Komachi Tanka

Is this love reality
Or a dream?
I cannot know
When both reality and dreams
Exist without truly existing. 

This pine tree by the rock
Must have its memories too;
After a thousand years
See how its branches
Lean towards the ground.

When the autumn wind
Blows down from Tokiwa Mountain,
My body fills as if blushing
With the color and scent
of pine.

I’ve traveled
That dark path to the world
Which comes down from this mountain
Just to see you
One last time.

― Ono no Komachi, The Ink Dark Moon: Love Poems by Ono no Komachi and Izumi Shikibu, Women of the Ancient Court of Japan

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