Turning into the Night | FOP

image FOP 002018, from a LinkNYC station at Madison Avenue and 53rd Street

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Carceral Capitalism: A Conversation with Jackie Wang – Los Angeles Review of Books


Source: Carceral Capitalism: A Conversation with Jackie Wang – Los Angeles Review of Books

Not Being Quite Like Other People – Otohime

Other People

not being quite like other people

I slither out of the apartment



like a Paratodon

the dinosaur of the moment


into the hammered alloy

and the molded plastic

of the built world


oy vey – lights

of the twinkling city

on the curving planet


where jobs come and go

physical beauty fades

and markets rise and fall


as mealy as penises

in their greed canopy –

discursively, like brats


sung in a low

with flops and fumes

along a jaded mass


but unattacked and rubbed

against their fate –

they’re hip like cuneiform


down the greed tongue

out of the boring gum

into a glorious slump –


they’re bone.


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Donna Fleischer / Helen

for Helen, my beloved mother, long ago gone – word pond

word pond


all the years
we formed a twosome,
shouldering whatever the world gave

drugstore Christmas dinner in red
leatherette booth, a man’s back stooped over
at the counter, cigarette wedged between yellowed
fingers slow stirring coffee, clattering the metal
spoon against ceramic sides. turkey dinner with
pumpkin pie for us & that rock and mineral set
from G. Fox & Company I silently wished for,
more voice lessons, and books, always . . .
Treasure Island and the newest Black Stallion

a pack of Teaberry or Blackjack gum
from the candy machine where she worked,
her smile quiet with exhaustion, arriving
home with the sweet surprise

Friday nights the package store, where I
studied each month of the Miss Rheingold
calendar, or the corner taverns where we ate
homemade lasagna, slid quarters into the jukebox slot —
sometimes for a fast dance song, but usually
the broken-hearted ones. I got…

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DSC_2252-1: photo by Bronfer, 29 April 2018

Beyond the Pale


Painting — JORGE COSTA


Source: Painting — JORGE COSTA

Separate paths – Why Lithuania hasn’t followed the example of some of its central European neighbours | Eurozine

No more social realism: The Green Bridge over the River Neris in Vilnius, Lithuania. Source: depositphotos.com

Central Europe is filled with cities and countries with multiple historical identities. Vilnius in Lithuania is one of the prime examples. Andrea Pipino revisits the city after a 25-year break, and asks why Lithuania has not succumbed to the siren song of central European nationalism.

Source: Separate paths | Eurozine