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April morning     the crow too      has a song

~ Stanford M. Forrester
from Mann Library’s Daily Haiku

Spiegel Online / Danish Artist Olafur Eliasson

Model Room by Olafur Eliasson

photograph by Jens Ziehe
neugerriemschneider, Berlin
Tanya Bonakdar Gallery, NY

from HTMLGIANT / Who’s Afraid of Kathy Acker?

Petersen Field

late winter bone stillness of the field. dog’s soft footfall herding gait in figure eights encircling us, ghost-like, chasing shadows as they engulf us; knows no less than we whose footsteps spoon snow parfait crust halted by a clutch of briar on the northside of the workers’ house “in ruin before they left ten years ago,” says this new friend and suddenly we’re in the open field—escaped into late day light and free, for a while, to feel the farm’s passing millennium; the golf course recently finalized that will come of the next. we turn slowly to face each other. staggering greyness of sky surprises with a hem of orange light from behind the far away and darkening hills
the white dog
up the snowy rise

~ Donna Fleischer
in Contemporary Haibun Vol 4
Red Moon Press

HTMLGIANT / Louise Bourgeois on Writing

Louise Bourgeois

HTMLGIANT / Louise Bourgeois on Writing.

photograph from HTMLGIANT blog

Cherry Blossoms in D. C.

photograph by Mary Collopy

for Paul Celan

the lit match sputters in

dark water

long enough

to hear stone


~ Donna Fleischer
(first publication)

Nina Simone / Feelin’ Good


The Pleiades disappear,

the pale moon goes down.

After midnight, time blurs:

sleepless, I lie alone.

~ Sappho, Sam Hamill, trans.

Gil-Scott Heron

from his new album, I’m New Here