Petersen Field

late winter bone stillness of the field. dog’s soft footfall herding gait in figure eights encircling us, ghost-like, chasing shadows as they engulf us; knows no less than we whose footsteps spoon snow parfait crust halted by a clutch of briar on the northside of the workers’ house “in ruin before they left ten years ago,” says this new friend and suddenly we’re in the open field—escaped into late day light and free, for a while, to feel the farm’s passing millennium; the golf course recently finalized that will come of the next. we turn slowly to face each other. staggering greyness of sky surprises with a hem of orange light from behind the far away and darkening hills
the white dog
up the snowy rise

~ Donna Fleischer
in Contemporary Haibun Vol 4
Red Moon Press

    • Christina Pacosz
    • May 2nd, 2010

    Your words remind me of a few walks in the snowy woods with a good friend and our dogs on hundreds of acres of farmland doomed to development near Lake Orion, Michigan a very long time ago in the scheme of things. Thanks.

  1. I’m glad we each had those walks. Have you seen Antonioni’s “Fahrenheit 451” based on Ray Bradbury’s novel? What we each experienced reminds me of the ending of the film: a smallish group of resisters of all different ages who live in what little woods is left, dedicate themselves to memorizing a book of their choice because the society is burning all banned books. I think of us as memorizing the land, the natural world, before it succumbs to the human template of so-called development and progress. We humans surely seem afraid of wildness. Perhaps because many have “developed” too far away from their own. We are rewilding other species. How about our own? What do you think, Christina?

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