The Weather sKwirl™

Depicted here are artist kHyal and her creation  The Weather sKwirl™ , a beguiling and zany character who has taken on a highly creative life of his own, dazzling viewers with colorful meteorology  reports and introducing each and every one of his iconic new friends along the way. Getting my smiley dose of  The Weather sKwirl™  has become as necessary to my morning as that daily cuppa. And just as enjoyable.  (photograph by Eileen Walsh)
~ yours truly, df

The Weather sKwirl™ was born on February 12, 2010 after kHyal™ and her husband, Karl Heine, had yet another lively conversation about weather and sKwirls. Kind of like that commercial that goes something like: “You got your peanut butter on my chocolate!” — “No, you got your chocolate on my peanut butter!”

kHyal™ and Karl’s rousing debate was followed by the immediate execution and materialization of this weather-addicted pink sKwirl, who passionately shares the weather — and more — each day in a super-fun and unique way.”  ~ from About The Weather sKwirl™.

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