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“a tortoise” by Koishi Amano / Fay Aoyagi’s Blue Willow Haiku World

水底へ亀が引き込む花の屑        天野小石

minazoko e kame ga hikikomu hana no kuzu

to the bottom of water

a tortoise bringing down

crushed cherry petals

Koishi Amano
Fay Aoyagi, trans.

from “Haiku Dai-Saijiki” (“Comprehensive Haiku Saijiki”), Kadokawa Shoten, Tokyo, 2006


Gerald Curtis /



Gerald Curtis «

~ Listen to Gerald Curtis speaking on “The Economic, Health, and Political Consequences of Japan’s Earthquake.”





Schulz was well aware that the dismal content of Peanuts, which is to say the stuff of life, is difficult to face without humor to aid us. By removing the final gag panel, we bring to the fore exactly how dark Schulz’s view of the world has always been. That this view often eludes us merely affirms Schulz’s skill at helping us to cope. ~ Daniel Leonard, creator of 3eanuts

Mind, Brain & Spirituality: Toward a Biology of the Soul – Roundtable Discussion including Siri Hustvedt / The Philoctetes Center

Mind, Brain & Spirituality: Toward a Biology of the Soul /The Philoctetes Center

best books in the world are written by my friends



best books in the world are written by my friends.

warble of / Taro Kunugi

warble of
a bush warbler
I stopped pedaling

Taro Kunugi
March 30, 2011

ウグイスの鳴き声 Singing Bird (Japanese Bush Warbler)

Thank you to Taro Kunugi for providing this bird song.

Susan Howe’s That This / New Directions



That This.

CA Conrad’s Statement for Bernadette Mayer Symposium panel / PhillySound: new poetry



PhillySound: new poetry.

Station Hill Press Studying Hunger Journals



Station Hill Press Studying Hunger Journals.