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Mutts — The Official Site for Mutts Comics — Earl, Mooch and pals — Patrick McDonnell

Mutts — The Official Site for Mutts Comics — Earl, Mooch and pals — Patrick McDonnell.


The Sacred and the Dead / Common Dreams

The Sacred and the Dead | Common Dreams.

World People\’s Conference Draft on Legalization of Rights of Mother Earth

Elinor Ostrom Wins Nobel for Common(s) Sense / YES! magazine

Elinor Ostrom Nobel Laureate in Economics

in tranquility / Taro Kunugi

in tranquility
cherry petals are falling
abyssal fish

Taro Kunugi
Japan, April 28, 2011

Quince blossoms in the rain (Photograph by Susan Rand Brown 2011)

blossoms in the cold / a Japanese haiku by Kai Kamakura with English prose and translation by Mariko Shimizu

An eight-year-old boy, who had lost his parents and home in the great quake and tsunami, returned with his aunt and uncle to the place where his house had been. There he saw the things so much changed; he found his broken toys in the mud and his little bicycle, which was so deformed. The boy caressed them.

花冷えや 震災孤児の 宝物

blossoms in the cold —

the only survivor of the family

his treasure at home

Kai Kamakura
with Mariko Shimizu
Japan, April 2011

Haiku about Spring (21) / AKITAHAIKU

akitahaiku: Haiku about Spring 21.