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I am alone, a tanka by Donna Fleischer

I am alone

for week-long Spring rains

singing loudly to

the computer screen just how much

you are my sunshine


Donna Fleischer
May 31, 2011

Given a melon / hokku by Seishi Yamaguchi

Given a melon

with all the heat of the sun

still warm within it.

Seishi Yamaguchi
from Mu

Montreal’s Hidden Words at Ottawa’s Raw Sugar Cafe

Sakura above, haiga by Jan Walls

Memoria / TOM CLARK

A dead lamb lies covered in ash from Grimsvötn, Iceland's volcanic eruption, 5.24.11: photo by Brynjar Gauti/ AP


~ Memoria: Vanishing Species, Lands, Veterans, State Fairs and Farms and Continuing Natural Disasters — America’s Dust Storms and Recent Tornados & the Grimsvötn, Iceland’s Volcanic Eruption

pear blossoms . . . by Laura Garrison / Daily Haiku

pear blossoms . . .
which one of these houses
was yours?

Laura Garrison
Daily Haiku 5.28.11 

Sueyeun Juliette Lee / JUPITER 88: #48



JUPITER 88: #48: Sueyeun Juliette Lee.