I am alone, a tanka by Donna Fleischer

I am alone

for week-long Spring rains

singing loudly to

the computer screen just how much

you are my sunshine


Donna Fleischer
May 31, 2011

    • Merrill Ann Gonzales
    • May 31st, 2011

    HI, Donna, I just finished staking my tomato plants today, and I have to tell you, you have to watch that sunshine! The back of my neck almost turned me into a redneck! I was happy to duck into the a/c inside every few minutes. But in the weeks and weeks of rain…the dim light did bring a certain relaxation that all this activity is craving right about now. So I guess, I seek not so much rain or sunshine for a certain moderation along my path.

    Love your tanka…as it made me think about things.

    • Glad to hear of all your activities ducking in and out of the sun, Merrill. It IS intense. Thank you for letting me know that the tanka brought something to you as you always bring something vital to poetry. ~ Donna

  1. Lovely, Donna. Makes solitude, you and tankas true friends. How not to be alone with no one in the room…we know how to feel alone with a herd of people in the room. Thank you. love, Mar

  2. Darlingly humourous too:):):)

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