Things that Quicken the Heart: Things with Wings



Nancy Loughlin

Things that Quicken the Heart: Things with Wings.

    • snowbirdpress
    • August 5th, 2011

    I tried to leave a comment on the original site but sometimes the google account gets stubborn and won’t recognize you… Thanks Donna…

    There’s a part of us that knows we can fly.

    • Well, I’m sure glad you ended up here, Merrill. I am now going to cross-post another piece from the same site. On the artist, Ruth Asawa. It reminded me of you in some way. Please be sure to watch that nine-minute video on her.

    • snowbirdpress
    • August 5th, 2011

    Hi, Donna, When I was dealing with paralysis, I would listen to the birds and watch them from my window…and something in their spirit kept my spirit alive and I knew I could fly…I knew I’d walk again. It taught me how to deal with the chronic pain without medication and to just rely on that truth within me. If you read the Psalms you will be amazed at the number of times “under his wings” referrs to a greater power that can empower us with our true nature. The psychological urge is was causes artists to paint angels with wings although there is no account of wings on angels (cherubs perhaps but not angels) etc. It’s an interesting subject to get into.

    • Wings, and roots, Merrill. You surely have them all. I once dreamed of sparrows, three I think, with hummingbirds’ wings flying round and round a hanging potted plant that was flowering in my bedroom, except their constant revolving flight seemed to have taken the plant off its hanger by the window and suspended it near my head as I lay dreaming. One sparrow looked intently into my then opened eyes and spoke these words: “there will be some blood.” I felt the truth of those words, their riddle, mystery, and accepted that. Where there is life, there is blood. This was a prolonged time of growth in my life when I had many such light-filled moments. I experience that one’s true nature is in simply being alive, but wholly alive, self-reflective without too much harmful projection on to any other forms of life. You’re one of a kind, dear poet, artist, friend. I am grateful that I know you and get to read your ever thoughtful take on being. ~ Donna

    • snowbirdpress
    • August 7th, 2011

    Hang onto that thought, Donna. We will be in a period of time from now on where we just accept the mystery of what is happening. It is wise not to try to effect things for the very act of being is effect enough for this old world to deal with. Seeking the path of peace through it all … in the non-being to be as we are. Crossing the paths with others going softly and with joy. I just was fooling around with a photo of a friend of mine of two hummingbirds …they were small in the photo and when I cropped them out and enlarged them I was simply amazed at the detail that the photo held that I could not see before. Sometimes life is like that…if we could only just “see”! Many thanks for the loan of your eyes!

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