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hawk logic, a haiku by Merrill Gonzales / Mann Library’s Daily Haiku

hawk logic
so close to my head
we could almost touch

Merrill Gonzales
Mann Library’s Daily Haiku

The #Occupy Wall Street Poetry Anthology

Juhani Tikkanen

Juhani Tikkanen (English version)

the lit match sputters in

dark water



to hear



Donna Fleischer
#Occupy Wall Street Poetry Anthology, Week 7

Sytytetty tulitikku sihisee

         tummassa vedessä 


Donna Fleischer
#Occupy Wall Street Poetry Anthology, Week 7
Juhani Tikkanen, Finnish translation
Juhani Tikkanen

 It is an honor to join with all people of the Occupation movement worldwide, particularly with those who took occupation of Zuccotti Park, NYC on September 17, 2011 and with my homies of #OccupyHartfordCT at Turning Point Park, Hartford, who continue to re-vision place as locus of permaculture, including people’s lives, now renamed Liberty Park. Words are vital.

American philosopher Judith Butler traveled from California to the site of the Occupation to speak with people there and she said: “We would not be here if elected officials were representing the popular will. We stand apart from the electoral process and its complicities with exploitation.  We sit and stand and move and speak, as we can, as the popular will, the one that electoral democracy has forgotten and abandoned. But we are here, and remain here, enacting the phrase, “we the people.””

Poetry enlivens. It crashes the party of illusion that is marketing’s game. Poetry is the taproot to the real mystery at the transept of living&dying, of the individual and the communal. So to have in existence an ongoing poetry anthology that includes all poets’ voices and provides accessibility to all is a mainstay of this Occupation. Every day I am humbled by the people of this movement.

Today I was surprised to learn that poet Juhani Tikkanen had translated my poem contribution to the anthology into Finnish. This too is an honor and I am appreciative. ~ yours truly, df

Heartbreak for Lesbian Binational Couple: What’s Changed in a Year / she wired

Phillippa and Inger at the airport

Lesbian Binational Couple: What’s Changed in a Year

Inspired by High Line, Park Is Envisioned With Sights Set Low / The New York Times

Librado Romero/The New York Times

 A Proposed Low Line

Week 7 of the OWS Poetry Anthology Added… Finally! / Occupy Wall Street Library

#Occupy Wall Street Poetry Anthology – Week 7 added

the master being dead, a haiku by Issa

the master being dead
just ordinary . . .
cherry blossoms

David G. Lanoue, trans

Storytelling in Japanese Art / The Metropolitan Museum of Art, 11.19.11– 5. 6.12

Storytelling in Japanese Art / The Metropolitan Museum of Art

A Wild Poppy, by Tom Clark / Beyond the Pale

The hand a halo
does not touch it
it wavers

A wild poppy
in the wind 

Dust blows in the sun
the wind
stops blowing

We stand by the road
a leaf blows
against a stone

A poppy
the curious
pelted foldedness

Of a poppy
in the wind
its livery

like a candy paper
caught in flame

For a moment
the wind stops

~ cross-posted with the kind permission of the poet, Tom Clark
Tom Clark Beyond the Pale 

I like this poem so much. It floats with the color of color. ~ yours truly, df

In My Language

~ Thanks be to Amy King for sharing because as she said it does speak to poetry, as well.

where did I come from?, a haiku by Akiko Takazawa, Fay Aoyagi’s Blue Willow Haiku World

いづくより来たりしわれか落葉焚く   高澤晶子
izuku yori kitarishi wareka ochiba taku
where did I come from?
I burn
fallen leaves

Akiko Takazawa
Fay Aoyagi, trans
Blue Willow Haiku World 

from “Gendai Saijiki” (Modern Saijiki), edited by Tôta Kaneko, Momoko Kuroda and Ban’ya Natsuishi, Seisei Shuppan, Tokyo 1997