the Rev Jesse Jackson in the Interfaith Tent at #Occupy Philly

Rev Jackson occupying the Interfaith tent @OccupyPhilly

Rev Jesse Jackson’s life as an activist is about strength and truth instead of power, of  courage and nonviolent resistance when afraid. His ongoing direct involvement with civil rights, human rights, and the fight to eradicate poverty that began in Selma and continued through his Rainbow Coalition national candidacy for the presidency of the United States, also  involved grassroots local actions like school lunch programs for poor children. He would have made a fine president; Shirley Chisholm, Robert Kennedy Jr, Ralph Nader, and Al Gore, likewise. Again and again, our country has lost the treasure that would have been their great leadership. Citizens’ votes have been squandered, spit on, disregarded, bought, and sold. In spite of racism, the poll tax in Georgia that kept many an African American from even exercising their right to vote, and in spite of death threats, and a smear campaign to permanently silence him, Rev Jackson does not turn his back on the good fight, on doing the right thing. ~ yours truly, df

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