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Albrecht Dürer, Little Owl, 1508 (Albertina, . . . / aus unruhigen Träumen

Albrecht Dürer, Little Owl, 1508 (Albertina, Vienna)

like squeezing lemons, by Taro Kunugi

like squeezing lemons
the snow on the roofs melt
early spring afternoon

Taro Kunugi
February 2012

部屋のなか 変に明るい 春の雪 , a monostitch by Taro Kunugi

部屋のなか 変に明るい 春の雪

the rooms strangely bright; spring snow

Taro Kunugi
February 2012
original Japanese &

Lightning:, by Alexis Rotella / Mann Library’s Daily Haiku

in the crack of a boulder

Alexis Rotella
Mann Library’s Daily Haiku 

Timothy Morton on Hegel’s Beautiful Soul Syndrome 1

Slavoj Žižek writes: / aus unruhigen Träumen

The Astonished Cat

Fernando Pessoa writes: / aus unruhigen Träumen

in a hinmaist, a haiku by john mcdonald

in a hinmaist
leam o sinlicht
speuggie beeks hissel

in a last
ray of sunlight
sparrow warms himself

john mcdonald
February 2, 2012