Ed Dorn, Ron Padgett, and Yu Jian at d i p p i n g b u t t e r f l i e s

Ed Dorn and Ron Padgett II

The horns of yellow
     on this plain resound
  and the twist on the air
of their brilliance
                       Say where
say where I will find
a love
        or an arabesque
of such rash fortune
            – ed dorn
When I was a child
my elders taught me
that there are 24 hours
in each day
But 24 hours is
afterward too
Is a springtime
The flower opened
I look similar to yesterday
Except that I am open
and my petals
are starting to fall
O excuse me!
For a moment
I thought
I was a flower
         – Ron Padgett and Yu Jian
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