A Longhouse Birdhouse: Rural Life and the Neighborhood : Habitat

Bob Arnold photograph

Habitat : THE ROCK IS MY HOME another essay on rural life and neighborhood / A Longhouse Birdhouse

“I don’t live in the world of ‘well, that’s how it goes, that’s the world now.’ Not to this guy.” Nor do I, Bob, I’m certain you know. I’m glad you’ve written this accounting. Knowing you, and Susan as I do, I trust every word of it, and stand strong with you as you stand by your own words, because your words are deeds. They are not rhetorical. They seek to inform and mediate. They are the cool, clear water of a reasonable and fair mind, a mind long practiced in the timeless nature and lessons of the natural world and the human in it. Your mind arises from the countless interactions of one who comes to know the land by interacting with it in myriad ways, safekeeping it, assisting it along in its cycles of rebirth and decay. Likewise have I experienced your interactions with people, myself included. You come to the human exchange free of most jaded assumptions and stereotypes, with your hands and eyes open to greeting a new person, making a new friend. You come to the exchange expecting only what you experience in your own interiority: fairness, decency, and delight. 

I am saddened and righteously indignant to hear of you and Susan being so maligned. I find it tragic that many cannot resolve conflicts nor respect differences with their own cognizance. This seems to be something foreign to their own life experience. And, if they would just put down the weapons of their pretensions, hubris, and immaturity, they could see you standing there willing to find accord. What a lost opportunity to learn, to grow one’s life. They ensnare themselves and blame you and Susan for it. 

Please let me know if I can help in any way. 

in peace, love, and joy,


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