with words – what is a haiku

with words – what is a haiku.

  1. Thanks Donna!

    I now have a more uptodate sister website:

    Which includes results of two past competitions I ran, with judge’s commentary on the winning work.

    Next year there’ll be a new type of haiku competition which I hope your readers may be interested in.


    • You’re welcome, Alan! Glad to do this little bit. I updated the link to with words with the url you provided here. Thanks for that. ~ Donna


  2. Thanks!

    And thanks for running such an amazing blog, where I get to learn a lot about subjects outside haikai literature. 🙂


    • That’s how word pond began almost three years ago. I’m an avid, quasi-free range online reader for the very same reason you enjoy word pond — to learn. I thought, ‘why not share that with others’, at least save them the time it takes to wander and discover in cyberspace. Grateful and joyful for your participation. ~ Donna


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