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Category Uncategorizable « FOP.

  1. I’ve never heard of this extraordinary situation before, even in Science Fiction. Gulp!

    • Yeah, right? Alan ! We’re in for a dousie. Last year with Hurricane Irene we lost power for eight days. Sandy is another story. If word pond goes still for a bit you’ll know why. ~ Donna


  2. This is like the movie The Day After Tomorrow. I hope you have strong shelter and food supplies that don’t require heating in case you lose power.

    I’d get everything into the safest room, and make sure you have thermals for yourself, and anything that acts as wall insulation.


    • Haven’t seen that film but can just imagine. Have prepped as much as is possible. Noticed temperatures are plummeting, eight degree difference from yesterday. Am inland so flooding shouldn’t be an issue. Thermals and wall insulation! Didn’t think of those, so thanks, Alan, for your concern and very helpful suggestions. ~ Donna


  3. Prepare for everything and anything. You don’t want anything that has a short shelf life in your room that rots and gets fungal. Think of it as a Panic Room (but without the hassle that the Jodie Foster character had ).

    You’ll need a lot of water, and not just for drinking. Vitamin and mineral tablets as you won’t have sunlight if this is really bad, and tinned and processed food won’t contain vits and mins.


    • Am so obliged to you, Alan, for such helpful suggestions. Will put all into immediate action. Have placed all hard copy of poems in safe place as well! Entire computer on a portable hard drive. It sounds like you have experienced some disasters. Glad you are safe and sound. I will be too. Thanks again. ~ Donna


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