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A Poem by Filip Marinovich / Elective Affinities

(photo by Cecilia Wu)

Filip Marinovich | Elective Affinities.

aka Wolfman Librarian, Sisyphus Schizophrene

leaf burial autumn, by Donna Fleischer, with Book of the Dead




D Fleischer
October 7, 2012

Portion of  Book Of The Dead  actually buried with body. Beautiful examples of early glyphs. ~ Ted Dunn

Issa’s Untidy Hut: Roll on John: Issa’s Sunday Service, #138

Issa’s Untidy Hut: Roll on John: Issa’s Sunday Service, #138.

Jorge Costa : : Scattered, On View at the Taber Art Gallery, Holyoke Community College, MA, Sept 24 – Oct 25, 2012

Jorge Costa Untitled # 8 Acrylic on Paper 30 x 40in 2010

Scattered  is an astonishing exhibition now on view at Holyoke Community College’s Taber Art Gallery. It gathers together nineteen paintings and drawings in oil and acrylic, and an installation, all made  between 2005 and 2012, some still in progress, by Jorge Costa.

Intricate, miniature cultural icons executed with the draftsman-like quality of a Dürer, stud and embed  the overall painting with their graphite presence, conjuring alarm, delight, surprise, and shock, individually, and as composites within the larger pictures, living in the western world. A depiction of the Lincoln Memorial sports a satellite dish and Mickey Mouse ears; a gas mask or the Pope, might save us from oil fumes, chemical spillages and pollution, but from ourselves? What could enliven us to what western culture’s swill of vacant images, consumerism, and earth’s degradation did and does to each of us, to this artist,  in our daily lives? Costa’s work enlivens. It helps us look at the road ahead, the one we’re on, get back on the tightrope and inch ourselves eventually upright until we can see the bigger picture, the wreckage we cause. Oil is a major player in some of these pieces, that’s clear. But Costa paints and draws fragility into these slow motion spoofs of a world in collapse.

This exhibition includes two Untitled oil on board paintings of contemporary middle-aged man, one with only  an angst-ridden head who avoids our gaze. In one painting he seems trapped within a pale, fluorescent, abstract grid, the emptiness of privatized public spaces. In the other painting he is the foreground, escaped from the grid yet pressed up against the present. Where will he go and what will he do? being merely human, after all. ~ Donna Fleischer

Jorge Costa

Late in the October day, a haibun by Donna Fleischer

Late in the October day

Late in the October day sun drifts profusive and mild. Thin petal of a new moon unwrinkles in blue vapor, shivers in air grown bright as a canary. A pageant of lime yellow leaves stilled on their branches hold themselves out, like Chinese fans, out like shock waves . . .

leaves on cold cement



Donna Fleischer
from indra’s net (2003)

Hacker catches Facebook registering private links as ‘likes’ | The Raw Story

Hacker catches Facebook registering private links as ‘likes’ | The Raw Story.

Bob Dylan – One of us must know

jacarandas, a haiku by Kath Abela Wilson / tinywords:


the bee still comes

to the fallen

Kath Abela Wilson
from tinywords

Christine Palm & David Pontrelli Read Poetry at the WordForge Reading Series, Oct 15, 2012, 7 pm

WordForge Reading Series.

a blueness, a haiku by Louis Osofsky

a blueness . . .

this sky rattling


Louis Osofsky