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Hillary Clinton’s Blood Clot Is Between Her Brain and Skull, but She’s OK – Politics – The Atlantic Wire

Hillary Clinton’s Blood Clot Is Between Her Brain and Skull, but She’s OK – Politics – The Atlantic Wire.

2012 In 4 Minute-Video

Jayne Cortez (1936 – 2012) ~ “She Got He Got” (with Denardo Coleman)

A Longhouse Birdhouse

the new R’r issue 12.3 is here

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Twelve Views from the Distance by Mutsuo Takahashi, translated by Jeffrey Angles / 日付変更線 International Date Line


Twelve Views from the Distance by Mutsuo Takahashi

“It is important that what we have written will in the end one day disappear. . . . Language leaves no trace, and even the faint memory of it will eventually fade. That may be the most wonderful thing about it.”      ~ TAKAHASHI MUTSUO, from A Conversation About Words

Patty Griffin ~ Top of the World

from Longhouse Bibliography 2010

2010. Donna Fleischer. Twinkle, Twinkle . A three color fold-out booklet of poems with wrap around band.
“: Donna’s first, and it won’t be her last, show at Longhouse. Nicely crafted and spoken to the page poems of wonder, right there in the title. We found for the original wrap a see-thru yellow paper stock, that was later replaced with an entirely different red. If you don’t fall in love with that first poem on the title page, I’m a monkey’s uncle.”  – Bob Arnold
Also includes the following from Bob Arnold ~

2010. Bob Arnold. Save Yourself. In three-color showcase, handmade edition. Wraps.
“: another group of new poems, mostly short, and I believe devoted somewhat to the memory of Joan Crawford in the film “Johnny Guitar”, where she says these immortal words. Front cover individually hand stamped.”And this ~

And many more including:  Tom Clark, Cid Corman, Marcia Roberts, Andrew Schelling, David Shapiro, well here, go see for your self ~ Longhouse Bibliography 2012 / The Longhouse Birdhouse .