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it all depends, a haiku by Tyrone McDonald / The Mainichi Daily News

it all depends on a dandelion seed

the color of frost

Tyrone McDonald
(Brooklyn, NY, USA)

January 31, 2013
(Mainichi Japan)
The Mainichi Daily News

even the crow, haiku by Bashō, translation by Jan Walls

even the crow,

usually hateful but

in the morning snow . . .

– Bashō
(日頃にくき 烏も雪の あしたかな higoro nikuki karasu mo yuki no ashita kana)

translation by Jan Walls


What’s New in Poetry? Reading with Eileen Myles on Feb 6, 2013


Dana Sokolowski designed  this instantaneously iconographic flyer for the Feb 6 What’s New in Poetry? reading with Eileen Myles.

emory poetry council

Anselm Hollo is Dead / Was Jack Kerouac A Punjabi?

Anselm Hollo

Anselm Hollo

Anselm Hollo is Dead / Was Jack Kerouac A Punjabi?

two poems by Donna Fleischer in the new otoliths issue 28, southern summer 2013

two poems by

Donna Fleischer

photo (gram)
a sunwritten receipt
conscious and unconscious nests

sensory-neural impulse interactions among
bio-geo-eco-chemo-astro- and cultural forms. It exerts

the immediacy of a photo (gram), light sensitive

photograph paper compiling one of a kind,
camera-less molecules, light interactions with
an as yet unnamed untamed something

that piece of

poem becoming,

Amy’s San Diego essay

for Amy King

Each particle has a gazillion sides, each cell
a bell. How does death smell?
salt makes the cell, the tongue, to shrink.
There’s a wound

somewhere, that hurts each
time it is touched

or not, touched, but yes touch
that the words may, wrestled burn.

Donna Fleischer is an award-winning poet and author of three chapbooks in both open and Japanese-derived forms. Her poems appear in print and online journals and anthologies worldwide, and are forthcoming in EOAGH, Exit Strata, Kō, Lilliput Review, Naugatuck River Review, and the anthologyPoets for Living Waters: An International Response to the 2010 BP Oil Disaster in the Gulf of Mexico(BlazeVOX Books). She curates content daily for poetry and for the earth at her blog word pond.


otoliths – issue twenty-eight : southern summer 2013 is here

Untitled by George McKim


Law of the Rights of Mother Earth passed by Bolivia’s Plurinational Legislative Assembly

734697_545989672086287_1478714796_nBolivia’s President Evo Morales Holds Law of the Rights of Mother Earth
passed by Bolivia’s Plurinational Legislative Assembly.

Bolivia Passes Law Which Declares the Earth Has Equal Rights

Full Original Spanish Translation: