What Is and Isn’t: A Butterfly Wearing Tennis Shoes, by Robert D. Wilson / Simply Haiku

. . . two hokku penned by the late exiled Catalan poet, Agusti Bartra, from his deathbed:

The light is teaching
     the air that travels
        how roses are born.

As if distracted,
   on my way, I touch the tree.
       Now it answers me.

Agusti Bartra
Last Poems (1977-1982)
Tr. by D. Sam Abrams

What Is and Isn’t: A Butterfly Wearing Tennis Shoes.

    • aditya
    • April 10th, 2013

    Thank you for this link, Donna. And for putting up yr book on Scribd.
    Will begin reading in the coming time..
    I am already bubbling w a reply for Mr. Wilson..
    Btw a few poems I’d like to share..



    • Greetings, Aditya, though very late, not never. You may bubble around indra’s net as well . . . Glad you’re reading it. & I so enjoyed each of your poems at ditch and counterexample poetics. It was great to get a groundswell of them, so many thanks for those links. Would love more in future when you think of it. in the joy ointment, Donna

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