Scott Watson – Radiation Daze


Radiation is anxiety. Radiation is uncertainty. Radiation is being powerless. Radiation is not having a safe place to live. Radiation is having no where to go. Radiation is having no air to breathe no water to drink no food eat that is not radiation’s. These are radiation days. This is how it weighs though we can’t see or smell it.

This is how it’s ours to be of forever like some wicked fairytale curse.

Radiation eyes where is truth? Radiation love is unlivable lives. Radiation is Pre Traumatic Stress Disorder. Radiation is the way we’ll never be. Radiation dream disintegrates God. Radiation is living without hope. Radiation erases what afterlife you may believe in as it erases you the believer.

The radiation that can be seen is not the true radiation. The radiation that can be said is not the true radiation. Radiation is in our piss and shit. It’s in our sperm and eggs creating offspring to the earth’s end.

Radiation is a prefix for every word we utter. Even though we can’t hear it. Radiation is a never-ending suffix of contamination, the sound of words flapping in an on the beach wind. Radiation is the etymology of our existence.

– Scott Watson
July 2013
Sendai, Japan

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