as usual by Donna Fleischer / indra’s net

as usual


Saturday. early morning drive to work, slow down
here, slow down there, to note some insignificant
upheaval in the apparent samenessness of
November. bow my head (inside my head) in greeting,
as I pass grandeur — a Pinchot Sycamore on the bank of
this odd Farmington River that courses northward.

a small gathering of Pure Land Buddhists blessed this tree
last year — this very tree dog-tagged by a state plaque
declaring its place in record books, for size, and so,
floodlit by fame all through each night by a hideous spotlight
provoking tormented wakefulness . . .

bow my head, as well, toward the deer on the run now;
for the ones I rarely see but know to be there from
a bevy of SUVs and station wagons, of men with rifles
who check for filled chambers one last time,
for these deer, in this invisibility and washed silence I need to pray
but to whom? to what? to this tree finally, its arms pointing my eyes skyward

giant boughs        velvet maps of heaven


Donna Fleischer
from indra’s net, 2003

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