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Meet Philadelphia’s new Poet Laureate, Frank Sherlock


caconrad-photo-by-tc-tolbert-2-1photo credit: TC Tolbert

(Soma)tic Poetry Exercise and Poem by CAConrad

Frank Sherlock is Philadelphia’s second poet laureate

Frank Sherlock , whose appointment is to be announced by Mayor Nutter on Friday, succeeds Sonia Sanchez. “I think Frank Sherlock will make things happen,” said the head of the poet laureate governing committee.

Frank Sherlock is Phila.’s second poet laureate.

noelle kocot | The Philadelphia Review of Books

noelle kocot | The Philadelphia Review of Books.

Noelle Kocot / elevene|even


Church of white petals, there is no offense here.
There is a bit of understanding, not much, and
Some crumpled bright lottery tickets. You in
Your fragile coat of arms, you in your destiny,

You, you, you, a sharp-edged warrior, tell me, where
May I find the beginning? I’m forty-three years old,
And I’m talking to a kitchen bowl. The kingdom
Is in the waves of lapidaries vowing change and

Promise. In the scale of what we claim, there is
An unplanned landscape. Wind on a compass,
Light upon light, I have moved very carefully in
Your wake. Percussion floods the infernal mysteries,

And the veins torched with electricity no longer
Cry out. A decade’s failure, a wound, some music.

Noelle Kocot.

ERK THA JERK / Turf Dancing in the Rain (Danse sous la Pluie)

word pond

~ Thanks Jason Kottke for inspired turfing!

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The Older Mind May Just Be a Fuller Mind –

The Older Mind May Just Be a Fuller Mind –