Sabine Miller, Photo Collage with Haiku by Donna Fleischer

photo-1Sabine Miller, Untitled Photo Collage 2014

This libelulla saturata rested on my arm long enough to be a sundial. Tuckered out from its adventure in the big white skylight. Mid summer-

– Sabine Miller, 2014


The edited journal, Under the Basho, honored Donna Fleischer’s haiku “late winter –” with First Prize in its 2014 Under the Basho International Haiku  Contest, that brought with it a $500 cash award and a print broadside.

  1. One of those haiku that lift you up every time you read it. Glorious haiku and deserving winner of the contest.

    warm regards,

    • Sabine
    • August 12th, 2014

    Donna, I’m so sorry–I didn’t see that the font I used ignored your dash. I used a different font and fixed it if you d like to replace here. Xo

    • Please excuse my over-late reply, Sabine. No worries about the en dash, and thank you for writing about it.  However, if you have the time to send me the new jpeg with the dash, I’ll post your photo collage here at word pond. Then I get to revel in its experimental existence all over again. warm regards, Donna

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