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This November, by Anny Ballardini | TRUCK November Issue 2014

Anny Ballardini

Truck, November Issue 2014

This November,
With a well in my self

Draining water to saints

Kierkegaard’s paradox

From Socrates’s endless testing


While looking into the black pond

For answers

__God answers


This November,
Appalling month

Over 100 answered

Joining mine to theirs – yours / ours

Under Saint Cecilia’s patronage

Musicians blew their horns

Organs woke many

While the girl grew ecstatic

In thinking she could


This November,
Thick in air stuffed with light

In closed rooms

At night

Trying to think

When thought gets lost

In and out of self

To accommodate

Past / future events

On a ten fragmented score

This November,
Has seen mountain peaks


Sturdy Siqueiros’s hands

Leak tears and grow roses

On Time’s façade

Ancestors chant

Interpretative Chinese lantern plants

Decorate Proust’s monumental

This November,

Of seeds and piano keys

Of herbs


Of vincristine


Of crashed & renewed hopes

Of the makers of Illusions

Of a Leap of Faith

This November,
Smiles down at us

With its temperate sun

Its derailed tracks

Its alarm clocked underground routine

Messages on trains and greyhound busses

Slit throats bathed in the forgiveness of popes

Sacraments soaked in the concept of



This November,
Without choice

The eleventh

Set as an Acheronian stud in a cameo

The rows of windows

People dis/appear in dim streets

They dis/appear in my mail

Their white poems against the black of Truck

With my acknowledgment to my

Moving November Poets

This November,
In the life of all

Distanced in our flesh

Distracted in our oaths


Booted steps in echoing bells

Coats / cloaks

“Anything but loss”

Pleading for the word God gives to the Just

From those milky sky-s.

This November, 
Cold at the end

In the bones

With Thanksgiving on Fb

Teas honey chestnuts


Giving thanks:

The girl is still alive


But still alive.
© Anny Ballardini
TRUCK November issue 2014

Neurocomic: A Graphic Novel About How the Brain Works | Brain Pickings

Neurocomic: A Graphic Novel About How the Brain Works | Brain Pickings.

At the Window by D H Lawrence | Academy of American Poets

At the Window

The pine-trees bend to listen to the autumn wind as it mutters
Something which sets the black poplars ashake with hysterical laughter;
While slowly the house of day is closing its eastern shutters.

Further down the valley the clustered tombstones recede,
Winding about their dimness the mist’s grey cerements, after
The street lamps in the darkness have suddenly started to bleed.

The leaves fly over the window and utter a word as they pass
To the face that leans from the darkness, intent, with two dark-filled eyes
That watch for ever earnestly from behind the window glass.

– D H Lawrence

Beside a chrysanthemum by Midang Sŏ Chŏng-ju | Bamboo and Plum Blossom

Midang Sŏ Chŏng-ju (1915-2000)

Beside a chrysanthemum

For one chrysanthemum to bloom
the nightingale
must have wept like that since spring.

For one chrysanthemum to bloom
the thunder
must have rolled like that in sombre clouds

Chrysanthemum! You look like my sister
standing before her mirror, just back
from far away, far away byways of youth,
where she was racked with longing and lack.

For your yellow petals to bloom
the frost must have come down like that last night
and I was not able to get to sleep.

Beside a chrysanthemum

Agnes Martin on Art, Happiness, Pride, and Failure: A Rare Vintage Interview with the Reclusive Artist | Brain Pickings

Agnes Martin on Art, Happiness, Pride, and Failure: A Rare Vintage Interview with the Reclusive Artist | Brain Pickings.

Thank you for the Birds and for The Cornell Lab of Ornithology

f5a4f016-d384-48ca-a4ce-f7042b6656dcThe Prothonotary Warbler was voted as the winning warbler to be featured in the Cornell Lab of Ornithology’s centennial mural. This Thanksgiving, all the world’s Prothonotary Warblers are settling in for a meal of caterpillars and flies in their winter homes in the mangrove forests of Central America and the Caribbean. They’ll return to the swamps and wetlands of eastern North America around April. Photo by Laura Erickson

The Cornell Lab of Ornithology

A Longhouse Birdhouse: IF THERES HELL BELOW ~

A Longhouse Birdhouse: IF THERES HELL BELOW ~.

Art New England | Purrrformance Piece by Donna Fleischer

Image Credit: Photos by Steve Laschever.

Art New England | Purrrformance Piece.

we dream by Donna Fleischer | BONES, Issue 5 November 15, 2014

we dream

the word


– Donna Fleischer
Bones 5, November 2014