dark news by Alan Summers | tinywords

    • Christina
    • March 31st, 2015

    Yes! Me all the way!!!

  1. Hi Donna,

    I’m astounded how profound the effect has been on some people with this little poem.

    I’m also delighted as crows are often much maligned despite having lots of humor, and being part of a larger caretaker group of animals cleaning up behind other animals, including humans. 🙂

    warm regards,

    Alan, With Words

    • Your little poem packs a superb punch. I adore crows; yes they are the cleansers, like Lew Welch’s turkey buzzards. You may enjoy tje followin offered up as as a summary appreciation of these gorgeous black birds: Crows’ Roost, Hartford 


      Another attempt by man to reach the stars. This time in 1918Insurance Capital of the world Hartford, CT, when work began on the city’sfirst skyscraper, the Travelers Tower, named after the Travelers InsuranceCompany. Workers at the building site raucously complained about the damnnoise, the damn bird shit from all those crows. A predator, the PeregrineFalcon, was introduced to drive them off, long before the mid 1900s when DDTput the Peregrine on the endangered species list. Seems the Travelers PeregrineFalcon was formalized into a program in 1997 when the fledgling Amelia, raisedin captivity, was brought to the Tower and returned for nesting ever since,until the Spring of 2011. How to know why? 

      And what about those damn crows? These days their roostnumbers in the thousands. They have flourished since their 1918 eviction, maybeby making the University of Hartford campus and outlier property abutting MarkTwain Drive and the housing projects their main home. From there they make adaily 35-mile circle, taking in Elizabeth Park, Trinity College, the HartfordSeminary, the West Hartford and Bloomfield Reservoirs, even just over theborder into western Massachusetts. I’ve seen them in our travels and very gladto when I do. They post sentries while the community feeds and the oldest eatfirst. They make a rich language of 150 different sounds, know how to usetools, and possess a fine memory.  



      on the crow’s wing

      early Spring



      Donna Fleischer

      Contemporary Haibun Online 

      April 2013, vol 9, no 1

  2. Reblogged this on Haikutec’s Weblog and commented:
    I’m delighted this haiku has proved so popular, and profound to people. Thank you!

    warm regards,


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