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Sabine Miller | The Haiku Foundation



with the hinges


in and out of courtyards

        the wind the cougar


Sabine Miller

The Haiku Foundation


LOST | Muttscomics


Tasmanian Tiger / Thylacine combined footage

word pond

Increasingly, I find that most scientific research as to the status of species’ existence is motivated by pharmaceutical farming and mining  interests: To locate enough active genetic information to scaffold grow anew an organism — that passed through the world too soon for complex reasons, involving human aggression and co-optation of habitat — sufficiently, to extract compounds that can be developed further, marketed, and sold as prescriptions to quell  or at least salve human suffering.

Are we humans so afraid of our own individual natural deaths over time that we kill off the life in us, among us, and without us? This is all on the level of the unconscious, where we stare into the Void and cannot bear to feel that g-d doesn’t love us, that we have failed because we haven’t been successful in the new world — where success is counted as full participation in the illusion…

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Pancrace Bessa / Painting of Quince Fruit and Foliage

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The great contemporary Spanish painter, Antonio Lopez Garcia, painted a Quince Tree, Arbol de membrillo (see the extraordinary film about this, “Dream of Light”, 1992). Lopez once said: “My insistence on painting quince trees is due to the fact that just by looking at them, they convey the beauty of life to me. The aroma of the fruit excites me, and when I sit in the shadow of a quince, it’s as if I were sitting beside someone truly charitable.” (“Antonio Lopez Garcia”, MFA Publications:Boston, 2008, p. 126)

I am fortunate to have a very old quince tree nearby which I visit at least once during each of the New England seasons. The faint scent of quince in winter is extraordinary because it is still there and reminds me of life in death.    ~ yours truly, df

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The sea in spring, a haiku by Buson, a translation by Jan Walls

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The sea in spring
rising, falling, back and forth
day in, day out

— Buson (春の海、終日のたり のたり哉 haru no umi, hinemosu notari notari kana)

translation by Jan Walls

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About | Brock Blomberg’s Blog

About | Brock Blomberg’s Blog.

Adrienne Rich / What Kind of Times Are These?

Lesbian Feminists Reflect on the 1970s — Co-Sponsored by Association for Women in Psychology and Women for Change at The University of Hartford, West Hartford, CT


The Association for Women in Psychology and Women for Change are co-sponsoring this exciting event in which three Lesbian Feminists who were extremely influential during the 1970s have a panel discussion. Sarah F. Pearlman is nationally recognized for her role in establishing a psychology of Lesbians. Loretta Wrobel, LCSW is a psychotherapist who began providing clinical services in 1978 as a member of a feminist therapy collective. Alice Fisher, Ph. D., spent some of the 70’s and 80’s living in a lesbian separatist commune while writing a dissertation on lesbian mothers. These women will offer great insight into the feminist struggle of the 1970s especially as a Lesbian. Light refreshments will be served and this event is free to the general public.
($45 for 1.5 APA-sponsored CEUs for psychologists
Certificates of attendance provided for other mental health professionals. RSVP by March 23, 2015 to

WHEN:    Thursday, April 2, 2015 from 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.

WHERE:   University of Hartford, Dana Hall, room D201
200 Bloomfield Avenue
West Hartford, CT  06117

Adrienne Rich | Academy of American Poets

Photo credit: Dorothy Alexander

Adrienne Rich | Academy of American Poets.

LIBERTÉ, a poem by Adrienne Rich / Monthly Review and #Occupy Wall Street Poetry Anthology

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Ankles shackled

metalled and islanded

holding aloft a mirror, feral

lipstick, eye-liner


a celebrity   a star attraction

a glare effacing

the French Revolution’s

risen juices    vintage taste

the Paris Commune’s

fierce inscriptions

lost in translation

Adrienne Rich
Monthly Review &
#Occupy Wall Street Poetry Anthology

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