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Scotiabank CONTACT Photography Festival Past Picture: Photography and the Chemistry of Intention | Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art (MOCCA), Toronto

Anna Atkins, Polypodium crenatum, Norway, 1854, National Gallery of Canada, Ottawa

Scotiabank CONTACT Photography FestivalPast Picture: Photography and the Chemistry of Intention.

ARETHA FRANKLIN Oh Me, Oh My (I’m a Fool for You) 1973 live!

*: On Poetry, #10: All of a sudden the city on fire

4. What they will say  is yours 

Is your body, are your hours, are your efforts, your own? Or does the narrow world say that the only thing left for you is your pain? It is easy to feel like your time belongs to your employers and your body to men or the family or the state but that your pain is yours entirely, that your struggle is a field you cultivate yourself, a thorny one of your-own-damn-fault. This is their other weapon: to make the opposite of what is true seem true.  But what is actually true is that in the world as it is now pain is the one thing we can be certain we are never in alone.

5. Another kind of poem  

The narrow world would have women and other people make people and care for them just to donate them as brutal, sensate, pained material of the world in this arrangement. It would ask us to gestate food for its nightmare. It would ask us to reproduce, with our love, fodder with a pain scale, then surplus, fodder, too, and only what can feel the pain exacted upon it.  But when we feed & grow & tend each other it is not to feed & grow & tend the machinery of expansionist death. There are reasonable things we can do to refuse this.  That is another kind of poem.

*: On Poetry, #10: All of a sudden the city on fire.

▶ Stage Boundary Songs – a mix by DJ Rupture, Filastine, & Nova Ruth by djrupture

▶ Stage Boundary Songs – a mix by DJ Rupture, Filastine, & Nova Ruth by djrupture.

Race and the Poetic Avant-Garde | Boston Review

Jean-Michel Basquiat. Image: thierry ehrmann

Race and the Poetic Avant-Garde | Boston Review.

Divine Magnet » Leopoldine Core

Leopoldine Core


Baltimore is the darkest place

it’s basically been fucked with

damp houses

meat in the trees

And you are the world’s most

intrepid salesman


that’s what you have

instead of Harvard.

You make me feel

like a kitten

with a wallet

with a wallet

But the sun is strange

pencil light pouring

out of a hole and

I can’t move in this house

someone’s life

is still here

the bed is warm

with it.

Why do I go on the internet

when everywhere else

is heaven?

Even the torture

of watching my hand

in the bathwater

Even the flat silver

light of Baltimore.

I came here

I thought it was free

I wanted to write poetry

God was in a car in the sky

and I shouted my arm is so weak

and he said I know

it’s like a toothpick holding a machine

and I saw his face for a minute

Satan’s bacony lips

It wasn’t God

just some confident animal

in a car

And the trees were

kind of purring

And I noticed my legs

were gone.

We’re like something

that camps out

in your home

here is the chair

here is the door


the glare of light

on your tongue

heaven touches me


the text

is its own animal


in the dark.

Divine Magnet » Leopoldine Core.

Justice Ginsburg Eviscerates The Case Against Marriage Equality In Just Five Sentences | ThinkProgress

Miles Davis – Sketches Of Spain – 01 – Concierto De Aranjuez (Adagio)



Spiral Orb Ten

an experiment in permaculture poetics

Ten :: collaborative curation :: stone/scale/shift

                        children & shapeshifters

in search of stones, in search of other portals,

shift on the air as petals

salt from scale, from the muddy bottom.

En el cuerpo que cambia se revela

un monumento fuerte, sólido, consistente, pétreo.

            a girl curled stone-like on her side

holds Castor Pollux scales

back and forth between us

            remembering who we are to each other.

My heart fossilizes.

It sounds like paper made of stone

a fluid             bone, an organ composed of mouth

a mouth full of stones.



Spiral Orb is an experiment in juxtaposition, interrelationships, and intertextuality—a cross-pollination. This opening poem composts fragments from each of the pieces in Spiral Orb Ten. Standing also as the table of contents, each line is embedded with a hyperlink to its original piece. Once at each piece, you will find links to the other pieces in Spiral Orb Ten .

Spiral Orb Ten is a special issue, Collaborative Curation: Stone/Scale/Shift.

For past issues of Spiral Orb: archives

For more on Spiral Orb, see What Is.

Spiral Orb Ten.