Songliness, a haibun by Donna Fleischer | contemporary haibun online


On this chill, grey streak afternoon, a triangle of robins appears near the rim of the French window where I sit, try to write, end up seeing only them, their fresh concentration on a wild red clover field. Every eye tilted for movement, sound, vibration.

There had been only minutes of raindrops, the kind one can count. Not enough to raise any earthworms. Yet there they stand staring at the ground. Their lives depend upon getting enough calories to sleep somewhere through the cold night and wake up with the sun, begin again. Our human tasks, by comparison, with diamond drill complicate, frack, pollute, radiate the sucked dry honeycombs.

These days I write much the same way. Bore into white paper sheet, computer screen, topographic font, spacebands, contour, hoping to bring to surface something necessary felt there

open window,

with Mompou’s song

morning birds join in

– Donna Fleischer
contemporary haibun online 9:3 October 2013


    • Christina
    • April 8th, 2015

    extra-extra-extra – unordinary; superb, superfluous, yet suddenly full of simple still wondrous!

    • I wish to pick for you here the most beautiful of all wordsflowers, and they are: Christina, thank You, including, your violas blink and say hello. – Donna

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