If You Hear Something Say Something, Or If You’re Not At The Table You’re On The Menu | ENTROPY

Image: How I Learned My ABCs: F is for Forgotten and Y is Too, 2012
Courtesy of Kenyatta A.C. Hinkle and Jenkins Johnson Gallery

If You Hear Something Say Something, Or If You’re Not At The Table You’re On The Menu | ENTROPY & to which Arpine Konyalian Grenier replies!:

Jen Hofer is treading sacred ground poetry embraces; bewildered but also insistent, her observation and ruminations are luminous but also brilliant. Our tools are both in the way and on the way to feeling and expressing, and she makes that very clear. I have never met her, but have been at a conference with Goldsmith who (like Jennifer Lawrence) seems to possess infinite creativity but is a bad actor. Hofer’s position feels kin to Beckett’s (they may be on the seesaw or exchanging positions on the swing), and i appreciate her exposé and its title, but also wonder about the

– consider the pull of gravity
at the ‘table’; it has temporal and material (plus other?) components
such that choices ‘at the table’ are not limited to ‘saying’ and ‘being eaten’.

– consider also that most of the
time we don’t get to even sit at the table let alone speak; and by chance if we
do get there we are in a smaller chair (Mona Hatoum art)

But then who are the we? That too is out there being formatted to size for cogent characterization by so and so and that or that, you know; then there is the tubularity i experience with both my science and art related colleagues, for which reason one embraces humidity and humility. Porous faceted errant history and geography indicate what matters is “what we do after evil before justice” (from Meister’s After Evil); then again, what is evil?? Hofer’s intention and language soothe me.

Arpine Konyalian Grenier


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