Cherry Blossom Rain | Burn The Water

the vicar unfolds
his wedding umbrella
cherry blossom rain .


Little Onion

for Sake no Hana

Source: Cherry Blossom Rain | Burn The Water

  1. Don’t “Like”, Love! Beautiful.

    • I also feel that way, Wendy! Thanks ever for letting me know! – Donna

      • Oh, you’re quite welcome, Donna. Your posts (and of course, your poetry and shares) are always beautiful, insightful and inspiring. Really enjoy. Love to you!

      • It is rare to receive such praise and from someone, your self, who is so remarkably creative. Word Pond is honored by your visits. I’m likewise lifted up by the beauty and insights you share at windybee. We’re still here, Windy! Let’s keep the good work with our blogergy going! <3, Donna

      • Thank you, Donna. You are kind to say so, and I appreciate it. Yes, I’m so glad we are both still here. So, don’t go anywhere…you share so many wonderful and inspiring things and I think you are likewise incredibly creative and talented. Much love and best wishes, always.

      • 🙂 !

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