unseen until wind and no title – two poems by Donna Fleischer | Solitary Plover, issue #24, Summer 2016

unseen until wind

for christina o’connor

(the window

from floor to ceiling that

fronts the house


with the wide eaves)


where you dug traprock

meadow soil with your hands & planted

a pantheon of bulbs, tulips, pansies that



wind-jambed afternoon –

for the next year


here now and now and now

an uncharismatic spring wrests from

an el nino winter its sputtering due


yet, flora fauna hormones in love

with instantaneous extremes

of temperature


will not be quantified –

their planetary connective tissue of



the ways the robins

the finches

the barn swallows


approach that soil

beneath the eave facing

south toward you


swoop and slow their flight and


glide out of sight, as are you

most of the time yet,

i feel you here as i do the flowers


not yet broken through a cold surface,

the spring timid and voracious

as am i with these creatures who travel

this far on the wind

which some times lifts us



no title

ordinary to
be with the purple and green and
goldfinch telegram
tercet embryosea
moonlit old home
torn fingernail


Donna Fleischer
Solitary Plover issue #24 Summer 2016

    • Christina O’Connor
    • July 20th, 2016

    thank you, dearest one! beauty-full!

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