Renga for Obama | Harvard Review Online

The moon hidden there
In the folds of day, the grey
What blind bold walking

Sane voice burnt in black wax won’t swerve
All I hope for now is reverb

Dorothea Lasky
Michael Dickman
January 23, 2017

Stand tall as a fir
as their axes scrape the bark
of sixteen seasons

new moon drones in borrowed light
trans abolition everywhere

Sally Wen Mao
Adam Fitzgerald
January 30, 2017

What big ears you have,
Mr. President! and heart
Big as big can be,

Big as the Pyramid & Sphinx
In the drifting sands of Time

Ron Padgett
Ed Sanders
February 4, 2017

Look how we wave still,
our bodies one glowing beast
united in grief

our linked arms raised, your steadfast
millions churning the bright air.

Ada Limón
Dorianne Laux
February 26, 2017


Source: Renga for Obama | Harvard Review Online

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