Alec Finlay: We all need shelter

Howe is an expression of the notion that the appropriate way to recognise the sun’s fundamental unity with the earth is through the agency of shelter. It is a temple of the sun. This is resonant with what I have already noted, namely that the physical and spiritual aspects of shelter are deeply intertwined in the human psyche. In a complementary way that is what the classical myth of Philemon and Baucis tells us also. If you give freely to others of the hospitality of your hut, you may find that your hut has become transformed into a temple.

text & photography, Murdo Macdonald


a bowl, after Ovid


growing old together

Baucis & Philemon

share this humble home


raking ashes, lighting fires

with the little breath

their frail bodies have left


in the middle of the table

they set their only bounty

a bowl of clear white honey




Source: Alec Finlay: We all need shelter

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