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Seven – from Noah Eli Gordon | The Brooklyn Rail

It’s All You


All the geraniums
All the paintings of geraniums
All the photographs of geraniums
The word geranium
In all the languages
That have a word for geraniums
Lucky you & your constant removal
My daughter who doesn’t know
Why she’s crying tells me
I feel like there are
Tornadoes in my head
She’s four and her drawings
Of flowers look like the sun


Noah Eli Gordon lives in Denver, CO and teaches in the MFA program for Creative Writing at CU Boulder, where he currently directs Subito Press. His most recent book is The Word Kingdom in the Word Kingdom (Brooklyn Arts Press, 2015).

Source: Seven | The Brooklyn Rail

The Pope’s Memo on Climate Change Is a Mind-Blower | WIRED

Pope Francis waves from the central balcony of St Peter’s Basilica, April 5, 2015 in Vatican City, Vatican.


In a new encyclical, Francis lays out Earth’s problem with an increasingly messed-up climate.

Source: The Pope’s Memo on Climate Change Is a Mind-Blower | WIRED

Reading Susan Sontag in Paris | Literary Hub

She writes in “Against Interpretation,” “Conversely, it is the habit of approaching works of art in order to interpret them that sustains this fancy that there really is such a thing as the content of a work of art.”

Source: Reading Susan Sontag in Paris | Literary Hub

TOM CLARK: Blind house

A Buddhist monk offers prayers in front of a window display of hats at a department store in the Ginza shopping district in Tokyo Tuesday, May 16, 2017.: photo by Eugene Hoshiko/AP, 16 May 2017

Source: TOM CLARK: Blind house

Johnny Mathis – Evie (stereo) – YouTube

Ministry shows plan to recycle radioactive soil in Fukushima:The Asahi Shimbun

The Environment Ministry demonstrates an experiment on recycling contaminated soil, shown in black in the center, in Minami-Soma, Fukushima Prefecture, on May 17. (Masatoshi Toda)

Source: Ministry shows plan to recycle radioactive soil in Fukushima:The Asahi Shimbun

Johnny Mathis – Someone – YouTube

Pablo Neruda / Quiero saber . . .

word pond

Quiero saber . . .

I want to know if you come with me
toward not walking and not speaking,
I want to know if we will reach
no communication:
finally going with someone to see pure air,
rays of light over the daily sea
or a landbound object
and finally having nothing to trade,
without goods to furnish
as the colonizers had,
exchanging coupons for silence.
Here I purchase your silence.
I agree: I give you mine
with one provision:
that we do not understand each other.

Pablo Neruda

~ by way of the poet Rita Cummings

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J. Brahms – Ein deutsches Requiem Op.45 – YouTube

Louise Bourgeois sings Paul Simon – How Terribly Strange to be 70 – YouTube