Spiral Orb Two Wendy Burk



Pinus ponderosa (Ponderosa Pine)

Mt. Lemmon, Coronado National Forest

June 12, 2010 at 10:55 AM

Wendy Burk

I: Hello.

Ponderosa Interview

I: I feel very peaceful here and am wondering if it feels differently to you. You are surrounded by trees that, like you, were damaged by fire. What we would call corpses are scattered around you. Do you feel this? Can you describe what it is like?

Ponderosa Interview

I: Everything seems to be in a process of returning. You grew out of the soil; now your cones and needles fall down to the soil; bark litters the ground. All of these will become soil. Tell me about this.

Ponderosa Interview

I: What is it like to be in a fire? What is it like to withstand a fire?

Ponderosa Interview

I: What was it like, and how did it happen, the process of regaining peace here—if it is true that peace is what you feel?

Ponderosa Interview

I: You are old. How many fires have you seen?

Ponderosa Interview

I: What is your hope for the next hundred years?

Ponderosa Interview

[11:30 AM]

Source: Spiral Orb Two Wendy Burk

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