Bruno Bettelheim, “Freud and Man’s Soul” – Rethink.

I could say more about the book, but for those of you who also grapple with the question of the character of political philosophy, you can see how psychoanalysis, or something like it, begins to open a most necessary inquiry. Something about way political philosophy inspired by Leo Strauss is conducted nowadays stays deliberately blind to the educative process. It’s strange how one can detail a number of techniques used by the greatest authors, gain a number of insights, and have nothing to say about who people actually are.

Source: Bruno Bettelheim, “Freud and Man’s Soul” – Rethink.

  1. Very grateful for your recognition of this post! I worked hard on it and am glad it was noticed by someone.

    I’ve linked to you blog from blogroll. You’ve got a wonderful collection of links and I will do my best to go through them.

    • Your hard work shows! I read Bettleheim’s book when it was first published. I had an intuition that Freud in English was but an outline of a very gifted writer. You may already know this but it’s something I have not ever forgotten: when Freud visited the U. S. for his first and only time to deliver his famous Clark lectures at Clark University he was asked by a journalist for his impression of America. It said it lacked a soul. Thanks for visiting and commenting. – Donna

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