Haiku Poetics by Donna Fleischer at The Operating System

haiku poetics

no time for steaming

eat it raw


– Donna Fleischer
The Operating System

Source: The Operating System

  1. I like it!

  2. Yes, I know it. I no longer bought your book, I’m sorry 😞

    • What book, please? if it’s I will send it to you. This is my newest book from last August and the poems are not haiku, but one epic poem in free verse, very filmic, took over 20 years to write and another shorter poem. If you prefer haiku, I be happy to send you a chapbook of 13 haiku. Or you can have both with a bonus thrown in of earlier free verse poems . . . OR none of the above, :))

      • Donna, what you want. Is already honorable for me to read your books. I don’t know how to do to buy they. Please, can you tell me this informations? Kisses, a lot of kisses.

  3. newest is “Periodic Earth” . . .don’t know where the title is hiding I typed it in my reply above to you just moments ago . . .

  4. Marina, I will email you the information.

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