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seedings issue 1 duration press

the body is a sacred place
because it bursts with life and lasts



in between clouds and
the moon ideas
drift . . .



the loved one won’t go to the Night
Palace where women and wine
are waiting


from Etel Adnan – At Two in the Afternoon (tr. Sarah Riggs)

seedings issue 1 duration press




includes Alejandra Pizarnik, Selected Prose (tr. Cole Heinowitz)

Hiromi Ito, The Thorn-Puller: New Tales of the Jizō Statue at Sugamo (tr. Jeffrey Angles)

Seedings issue 4 Duration Press

Diana Krall – Walk On By

Diana Krall

Johnny Lytle – Gonna Get That Boat

Hambach Forest, Deutschland


Together we can stop the destruction!

The future of our planet is in our hands. It is time, that we come together for a sustainable and just world beyond the deadly logic of capitalism. Together we can save the forest and the climate and create a world, in which no living being is exploited.

Stevie Wonder