A Post-Dada Superfascist Shadow – The Italian poet behind Steve Bannon’s alt-right worldview|Center for the Art of Translation


Fascism – Bannon – Evola – Trump

  1. That’s incredible

    • It is, isn’t it.
      Speaking for myself, I no longer waste time reading the daily news and tweets, :(, poor birds, about trump et al, because a silent coup has begun in the U.S. — it’s the privatization of the U. S. about to be encoded in the tax cut bill passed by both House and Senate.

      If you wish to read more I believe it is synopsized well here:


    • someone
    • March 10th, 2019

    Steve Bannon may cite Evolas name, but his worldview has nothing to do with him. Evola would likely be repulsed.

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