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Aporia et BRENDA SHAUGHNESSY et Alexander McQueen et Patti Smith et George Harrison


McQueen Is Dead. Long Live McQueen.

There were seven colors of mourning,
one was lilac. That kind of blossom
always has its crowd, fanned out, surrounded
by crushing likeness, smell of itself.
Fabric has to breathe,
at least 2%, like skin.
A little milkfat, elastane
even in the gravest print.
Not knowing how to grieve can poison
like a directionless dart. And although fabric
has been known to swirl
and clasp, be clasped —
without mother
there’s only art.



Today is Women Human Rights Defenders’ Day. Remembering women killed fighting for human rights in 2017 [reposted from the Guardian] | Zeitgeist Spam


Maria da Lurdes Fernandes Silva was a community land rights leader and environmental defender in Pará. She denounced illegal acquisition of land in the region. She and her husband had received death threats. On 26 July, she was shot inside her house by unknown assailants. Her husband was also killed.

Women Human Rights Defenders’ Day

 The full list of women human rights defenders who have died since 2012 can be found at AWID’s online tribute. Photos courtesy of AWID. Illustration by Carol Rossetti/AWID

From Our Hearts to Yours: New Narrative as Contemporary Practice in Print and Online! | X Poetics


From Our Hearts to Yours

Anne Boyer – from The Undertaker

Sometimes it is easy to wake up any morning and write “books are the detritus of modernity’s tragic industry” than it is to remember that apart from any book and earlier than any fake-inevitability and later than any fake-inevitability too there is refusal and dialectic and possibility and every living, circulating, necessary poem. – Anne Boyer

The Poetry Project Fall 2017 SCROLL DOWN

seedings issue 1 duration press

the body is a sacred place
because it bursts with life and lasts



in between clouds and
the moon ideas
drift . . .



the loved one won’t go to the Night
Palace where women and wine
are waiting


from Etel Adnan – At Two in the Afternoon (tr. Sarah Riggs)

seedings issue 1 duration press



includes Alejandra Pizarnik, Selected Prose (tr. Cole Heinowitz)

Hiromi Ito, The Thorn-Puller: New Tales of the Jizō Statue at Sugamo (tr. Jeffrey Angles)

Seedings issue 4 Duration Press

Diana Krall – Walk On By