(Where do the dreams go?) – Thomas Wolfe e Borderproject2017 | Vengodalmare, December 24, 2017

(Where do the dreams go?) – Thomas Wolfe e Borderproject2017 | Vengodalmare

two excerpts in Italian from Vengodalmare translated to a rudimentary English by Google Translate:

[..] There is nothing more instructive and joyful than immersion in a community of human beings of a completely different race, a race that respects, with whom you sympathize, of which you are proud even if you do not belong to them. The fullness of life of the Armenians, their rough affability, their noble working bones, the inexpressible distaste for any metaphysics and the wonderful familiarity with the world of real things – all this told me: you are still lucid, do not fear your time, do not get smart.
It will not have been because I was in the midst of a people celebrated for its fervid activity and yet lived based not on clocks of stations or public offices, but on the time of the sundials, like the one I saw in the ruins of Zvartnoc in the form of a wheel or a rose engraved in the stone? (Osip Mandelstam)

So, when all my soul will be
in the paradise of you
(in which only I understand
I grow and see)
the scaffolding of my body,
the bones, which are still with you,
the muscles, the strength, the veins,
that shape this house,
they will come back again.

from Angelo, look at the past –
Thomas Wolfe



  1. your translation is perfect. Thank you..

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