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Jutta Hipp – At The Hickory House V. 1 Blue Note (full album) – YouTube


Jutta Hipp at A Longhouse Birdhouse


Buffy Sainte-Marie – Sometimes When I Get to Thinkin’ – YouTube

Lissie – In Sleep (live) – YouTube

Lissie performing “Daughters” Live on KCRW – YouTube

Lissie – Go Your Own Way (Live) – YouTube

Lissie – Kid Cudi live cover – Pursuit Of Happiness – YouTube

Takuboku Ishikawa: engaged observer | The Japan Times

word pond

For some reason

There is a cliff inside my head.
And day by day a fragment of earth
Crumbles off it.

Takuboku Ishikawa

Roger Pulvers, translation

Takuboku Ishikawa: engaged observer | The Japan Times.

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