Scientists Discover Colorful Bees Nests Made from Flower Petals

Known as Osmia avosetta, these typically solitary bees can’t rely on the support of other worker bees to safeguard their young. Instead, the female insects have taken it upon themselves to craft colorful bees nests from flower petals.

Source: Scientists Discover Colorful Bees Nests Made from Flower Petals

    • dmf
    • July 1st, 2018

    lovely, apart from the occasional cultivated hive in a backyard or two i almost never see honey bees here in iowa, quite worrying

  1. Honey bees are fairly rare now in lower New England where I live. Have noticed far fewer over the passed 7 years. This is why I let most of the yard return to the mountain meadow it once was. It has returned with different greens and wildflowers every 10 days as well as lots of red and white clover. But still few bees. Overworked and poisoned. All my neighbors still use insecticides and pesticides. I just don’tget it. Dopeople not know these chemicals are devastating the food chain? Sigh . . .

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