Thinking of Angelee Deodhar | Icebox

It is appropriate to share what she had apparently once referred to as her 辞世 jisei, or death verse:

water-worn boulder
so smooth now
against callused feet

Angelee Deodhar

Source: Thinking of Angelee | Icebox

  1. What a beautiful picture!

    • It is! Angelee and I met years ago when she visited Connecticut. It was a July day of reading poetry out of doors into the night to celebrate a mutual friend’s book publication. She and I conversed and also enjoyed the silences with the fireflies from our side by side lawn chairs. She invited me to visit her in India but work prevented me from ever fulfilling that dream. I still remember the timbre and cadence of her voice, and her beautiful mind disciplined by her study of medicine and free range by nature with inquisitiveness and wonder.

      Thank you, Marina, for inspiring me to this recollection. Kisses, Donna

      • before leaving this life she left you a vero important gift!
        certain meetings are important and wonderful, and for me this is the beauty of life.

  2. . . . as was our meeting here in cyberspace!

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