What the Nazis driving people from homes taught philosopher Hannah Arendt about the rights of refugees

The 20th-century philosopher Hannah Arendt wrote how refugees, in the absence of legal rights, were forced to live in a state of ‘absolute lawlessness.’ Her words matter today.
— Read on theconversation.com/what-the-nazis-driving-people-from-homes-taught-philosopher-hannah-arendt-about-the-rights-of-refugees-98815

    • dmf
    • July 26th, 2018

    Arendt’s words are insightful but I no longer believe that nations can learn from history which if I’m right is pretty damning to her whole project (no fault of her own).

    • Well said and rightly so. I think, oh if only if — if she had a radical feminist intersectional basis to think and write from, she would have connected the following dots (and come to the conclusion you stated in your comment and for which I am always grateful – for your insights, if I don’t always show it . . .): nation state derives from the patriarchal SYSTEM, which itself arose from the birth of the male ego, i.e. the discovery of the male’s fertilizing agency in the species’s reproductive cycle; the rule of law is a product of patriarchy which was founded and continues to be maintained by violence — i.e. patriarchy used violence, uses violence to this day to establish and maintain the female as secondary revolving around the primary male. The most deadly thing of all and rarely addressed is the brainwashing of the female from a very early before toddler stage so that when she becomes an adult she has been conditioned to internalize the very system that oppressed her and becomes her own oppressor — the worst kind of oppression is when the presence of the oppressor is no longer needed for oppression to continue. – Donna Fleischer

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