Otata 34 – October 2018

Donna Fleischer

week-long Spring rains —
singing loudly to the screen
how much you’re my sunshine


bra off —
lickety-split she heads out
for the studio


the cold warms
in mid air the bird
calls clearly through


door bell
just rang — will be back
(some day)

— for Takahashi Shinkichi (1901 – 1987)

Stefano Andrea

campanili –
Umbilicus veneri
nelle fessure


(Umbilicus rupestris è una pianta carnosa, nota comunemente come Ombelico di Venere.)

bell towers –
Umbilicus veneri
in the cracks

 (Umbilicus rupestris is a fleshy plant, commonly known as the Navel of Venus.)


Source: October, 2018 – Otata

  1. Imagery to toss around in the mind. Enjoyed your haiku, Donna. Enjoyed Stefano’s too.

  1. September 28th, 2018

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