Dispatches Fall Update contents • 10.3.18 • Dispatches from the Poetry Wars


Dispatches Fall Update contents by Dispatches Poetry Wars 10.3.18


Blood Resin

the butchers chainsawed
all the morning long as
we worked, mostly silent

in an indoor chemical carpet
labyrinthine office stream with
uniform pre-fabricated cubicle walls
too high to peek

sited within a road mazed gentrified industrial park
with work culture lunchtime picnic table perimeters
our neighbor, Otiz Elevator sponsors today’s Auto Show

contestants vote for best car, enter drawings
for prizes, while the oldies blare
out old Motown sounds

I sit with two tree stumps.
They bubble a viscous amber resin
from rings of phloem made long ago from
the wind and the earth and the rain in the quiet of
stars and sun and moon

the two pines –
a bird flies through
the space they were


Donna Fleischer
from 2 Poems

2 Poems by Donna Fleischer – Dispatches from the Poetry Wars 10.3.18


  1. La vogliamo tradurre in italiano? È molto bella, e importante.

    • I do, I do! Google translate? I would prefer, naturally, your translation, but only if you have time. I’m honored that you like it that much.

      • I try to translate it and I’ll send it to you by email. You’ll forgive my bad translation. Bisou.

      • Do you intend to post your translation into Italian at Vengodalmare? I would like that but do not want to presume this of you.

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