otata 36 (December 2018)

Giuliana Ravaglia

aironi bianchi:
profuma il cielo di crisantemi

white herons:
the sky smells of mums


Sheila Windsor

I want to
Kiss your light

Joseph Aversano


the cornea’s
curve of
this world


Ingrid Bruck

first baby teeth
hesitant green
under snow


Eufemia Griffo

luna errante
ancora l’eco
di una canzone d’amore

wandering moon
still the echo
of a love song

luna d’inverno
la forma argentata
di un fiocco di neve

winter moon
the silvered shape
of a snowflake


Anna Maris


open quarry the wound

earth laid bare barren


so hard
under my skin

this endless pain

in what can no longer be mended

afternoon sunset
over the broken tarmac
small steps forward


Stefano d’Andrea

villaggio antico. . .
nei caruggi deserti
l’ombra del vento

ancient village. . .
through the deserted caruggi
the shadow of the wind

[caruggi: narrow alleys, typical of Ligurian small towns]


Robert Christian

Mid—November poem

The last six weeks of
the year taken up
from the start of
December (two weeks

away) by Christmas
excitement so as
the Year dies
the pace quickens

and we may no more
still to a quiet frost
or wonder at the
possibility of snow

becoming snow itself
than we may know
the thrill of summer
or time lost forever

The rejuvenation
is love’s whatever
we think or do
in silent space like the stars

appearing now and
then to be there
for us as needed
as we would be and are


Margarita Petriccione

ancora e ancora
cadono bisbigliando
foglie di quercia

again and again
they fall in a whisper oak leaves


bere acqua di sorgente
con tutta la faccia
tempo di pensionamento

drinking spring water
with your whole face —


Peter Newton


loose thoughts
gone in a gust
year’s end


Source: December, 2018 – Otata

    • dmf
    • November 29th, 2018
    • I am moved by this extraordinary poem. Than you, dear dmf.

        • dmf
        • December 4th, 2018

        glad you liked it, me too

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