Elizabeth Warren Announces She Is Running for President in 2020 – The New York Times

    • dmf
    • January 1st, 2019

    hope after she pushes the party in a better direction that she returns to the senate, i think a number of people could fill the presidential role but not her senate oversight and legislative roles, we need her seated at all the hearings we can only hope against hope will be coming.

    • Ha! Yes! You raise an inestimable point. Any one person you’d like to see nominated?

        • dmf
        • January 1st, 2019

        someone who will inspire minority voters and is going to give wall street heartburn is what i would prefer but not sure who that could be, hopefully a woman tho, can’t bear another party machine white guy or baby boomer

      • I think what you describe is what we really need. I’m increasingly concerned that a female candidate at the top of a ticket cannot win, but I’d still like to try with Elizabeth Warren who has widespread, national recognition as a progressive on many issues, including Wall Street regulation, immigration, national health care, and human rights. Barbara Lee of California would be an excellent president but probably not known well enough, so great running mate for Warren but two women ticket I fear would not fly; perhaps Castro could come on as VP with Warren as P. . . . also, progressive governor of my state for 8 years witha great record of accomplishment, Dannel Malloy, whom I would vote for as president, definitely.

        • dmf
        • January 1st, 2019

        we’ll see, having watched how the powers that be have already kneecapped Ocasio-Cortez and co on climate oversight i fear that the party machine will keep on keeping on, will give thomas frank material for yet another version of listen liberal…

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